Our Journey

My name is Brooklyn Nicholson and this is my journey with herbs.  It all started when my grandfather, Leo Sosa was diagnosed with Multiple Melanoma and Amyloidosis with only given six months to live.   Without warning, life had thew a curve ball towards my family.  So we took him to every doctor that we could find.  All of them came back with the same diagnosis DEATH.  We were not going to give up on him so we did what the doctor told us ,which was, start with chemo.  After the first couple rounds he had came down with sores in his mouth making him unable to eat, pain like no other ,and lost 100 pounds.  He was bed bound on morphine and quickly dying.  It was not working, only making him worse.  

Desperate for a cure we began to look online for natural remedies for cancer. The first website to come up was Planet Ayurveda.  Which was natural herbs to help with cancer.  My family and I was to the point we would try anything to keep him alive.  So my grandmother ordered a herbal combo pack that was good for the cancer he had.  A week later he was up and asking to eat,which was never the case before.  Today it has been two years since the doctors said he had only six months to live.  He is back to working in the yard, painting, driving, and carrying on with daily actives with no signs of cancer. At the age of 80 he gets around like a 40 year old.  

I hope with my journey I can help others that have an impossible situation and help them to see that it is possible.   "The opportunities for infinite possibility exist no matter what age we are." -Marianne Williamson

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